Jesus taught his disciples to go into the world and to teach people to follow the things that he preached, and to baptise people who wanted to follow his teachings “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”.

All who are willing to make the commitment to follow Jesus are welcome at St John’s for Baptism.

When can I have my child baptised?

Most baptisms at St John’s take place in a friendly, informal service at 11:30 am on Sundays.

We have no more than two families in the same service at our 11.30 am Sunday baptisms.

Families are also welcome to celebrate baptism during our regular Sunday church services in a congregational, community setting. 

Booking a baptism at St John’s Anglican Church, Newcastle?

To organise a baptism at St John’s, please email or complete the form below.

A meeting will then be organised for you and Rev. Kimberly.

Naming Services

Naming services, although different to baptisms, in a similar way give thanks for the child, the gift of new life and the blessing of a new member of the family. Often, those who are unsure of baptism or do not have a religious identity will choose to have a naming service. Here at St John’s we would be more than happy to provide a naming service for you and your child.

Baptism Celebrations in the Church Hall

Our church hall is available for celebrations after your baptism.  Please contact us if you are interested using the form below:

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