St John’s Weekly Bulletin – Sunday 17 June 2018

As the weather takes a turn for the decidedly colder in these first few weeks of June, we are reminded that winter is well and truly upon us. That means it can sometimes be just a little harder to leave the refuge of a warm bed in the morning, or to brave the cold outdoors unless neccessary.

As our means of heating buildings and bodies have improved, and become more electrified, the ways we think about keeping warm have changed too. In times past, heat was a commodity to be shared – something which was much easier to retain than attain, meaning people congregated, in homes and other places, not simply out of habit but out of neccessity. In churches, this has worked itself out in all kinds of different ways; like in Russia for instance, where communities have traditionally had a ‘summer’ church and a seperate ‘winter’ church, usually built above the animal stalls so that the community could borrow the heat generated by the cattle below during their worship.

In more recent times, advances in technology have also provided opportunities for churches to express hospitality in colder conditions. At St Giles’ in Wrexham, the largest church in Wales, 5% of the total parish budget is spent on heating the church 24/7, all year round, so that anyone struggling to keep warm in the community will have a place to seek refuge and to be amongst others, out of the cold.

Such examples are a reminder to us in the winter season that warmth, like love, is expressed in relationship with one another. This is wisdom which we find in scripture, where Solomon tells us “if two lie together, they keep warm; but how can one keep warm alone?” (Ecclesiastes 4:11). Our being together, helping one another, sharing our lives together, these are all ways through which we express the love that we have been given in faith. So as we come together this Sunday, despite the chill in the air and the cool weather, we’re reminded that our being together is important, not least because it warms our bodies, but also because it draws us closer to our awesome God.

Every blessing for the week to come,


This bulletin was emailed to members of the parish on Thursday 14 June 2018 – if you would like to join the Weekly Bulletin email list, please call the church office on 02 4927 5399 and we will happily arrange this.

Service of Thanksgiving and Lunch to Celebrate the Ministry of Rev. Murray Woolnough – Sunday 24th June 10:30am

On Sunday the 24th of June St John’s will hold a combined service at 10:30am to give thanks for the ministry of our Rector Murray Woolnough, who will take up his new role as chaplain to the polic acadamy at the beginning of July. For this reason there will be no 9am or 5pm services on Sunday 24th of June. 

This service will be followed by a shared meal in the hall. Lunch will be soup and damper with slices to follow.Drinks are BYO. We invite you to come along to this service to wish Murray and his family well as they begin a new and exciting ministry!

We are currently seeking several volunteers who might be willing to prepare pots of soup to be served at lunch. If you are able to cook and provide a pot for the meal, please get in contact with Fr. Ken on 281 379 or Mark on

The St John’s Hall Restoration – A Message from the Parish Treasurer

This time last year we launched an appeal to raise funds to replace the hall roof and replace inadequate guttering and downpipes on the church. The generosity of our parishioners to this appeal was exceptional. The money given by our parishioners will match a $52,000.00 grant from the New South Wales Heritage Department.

It may appear that we have not proceeded with this work, however our Heritage Architect in conjunction with hydraulic engineers and land surveyors have been preparing documents that will be submitted to the Heritage Department in the form of a Section 60 application, when this is approved a development application will be submitted to Newcastle City Council, quotes can then be called to start this work.

With the end of the financial year approaching, tax exemption donations can still be made to assist the parish in this important work of maintaining our heritage buildings.

An online donation can be made to:

National Trust of Australia, St Johns Church (Newcastle) Restoration Account.

BSB 032 044

Account number 898 154

The deadline for this is Wednesday 27th June

Please put your surname as the reference as receipts can not be given to donations marked anonymous.

Alternatively give me, Howard Benson a cheque made out to St Johns National Trust Account. Email me at or phone me on 4952 6279 and I will arrange to collect the cheque.

If a cheque is given to Howard the deadline is Sunday 24th June as the cheque needs to be banked prior to Friday 29th June.

Supporting St John’s Church

We encourage members of St John’s to support the ministry of our parish by giving directly to the parish account, rather than bringing cash to church. If you can do this, our account details are:

BSB: 705-077
A/C: 00040401
Name: St John’s Anglican Church Newcastle

Thank you to all members of our parish who are able to support ministry in this way.

Prayer School – Learn how to pray for others!

The Australian Prayer Network (APN) is one of the largest prayer networks in Australia. It is linked internationally to prayer networks across the world and has a reach to tens of thousands of

praying people representing Churches of all Christian denominations. The APN will be running a Foundation Level course on prayer at St John’s on the 24th and 25th of August, presented by Pastor Mathew Bolte ( The school commences at 7:00pm on Friday night and continues from 9.00am till 4.00pm on Saturday. The School will run as follows:

Fri 24th August 2018 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Session 1 How prayer works

Session 2 Intercession: A lifestyle

Sat 25th August 2018 9:00am – 4:00pm

Session 3 Understanding the DNA of your


Session 4 Spiritual authority the key to breakthrough

Lunch: BYO Lunch, tea & coffee provided

Session 5 How to lead a Spirit lead prayer meeting

Session 6 How to hear God’s voice

Should you have any questions or wish to register please contact Fr. Ken on 281 379 or Mark on

The Hub – A Jesus Community

The Hub are a community of people who exist to encourage, disciple and train each other to live lives for Jesus. Each we through the school term, we come together for KoG (our primary-school kids’ group), Dinner, Worship: Your Way and Youth (our high-school youth group). We encourage you to keep this growing ministry in your prayers and to consider whether you are able to make the Hub everything that it can be. Currently we are looking for people to assist us with the meal we share together on Friday night and would love to hear from you if you are able to be involved. Costs are reimbursable and you are invited to come and join us as we eat, share and fellowship together! If you would like more informaiton or would like to be involved please contact Rob on 0425278063/‬ or Mark on 0403901348/

Healing Eucharist and Mindfulness Services at St John’s

A reminder that St John’s offers several mid-week services of healing and prayerful meditation. On the first Monday of the Month a gentle service of healing and Eucharist is offered, where we meet the healing presences of Jesus in a real and tangible way. On the third Monday of the Month, we offer a service of Taize meditation. This is an opportunity for mindfulness in the presence of the Spirit, through a series of guided meditations for healing and peace. Our Next service will be on Monday the 18th of June at 6pm. All are welcome


  17 Jun. 2018 24 Jun. 2018
9:00 am
Welcomer Jenny K & Helen C Nona B & Penelope Y
Leader Isobel P Josephine T
Preacher Murray W Ken Y
Communion Murray W Ken Y
Server Thomas P Matthew B
Candles Xander G & Matthew B Sebastian T & Amy D
Bible reading 1 Rodgers F Lance W
Bible reading 2 Penny B Cathy B
Prayers Howard B June W
Chalice Jennifer B & Jenny W Howard B & Dianne W
Kids Church Leader Rob W Rob W
Kids Church Helper Kenna J Julie Y
Refreshments Helen C & Jenny W Lyndsey M
Counters Lance W & Jason T John F & Helen C
Flower Arranger Dianne W Dianne W
Brass Cleaner Dane T & Sue T  
10:45 am
Welcomer *Volunteer needed* Prue H
Leader Mark T Mark T
Preacher Murray W Ken Y
Communion Murray W Ken Y
Music Leader Mark T Mark T
Music 2    
Prayers Helen P *Volunteer needed*
Refreshments Helen P Ray C
5:00 pm
Welcomer *Volunteer needed* *Volunteer needed*
Leader Murray W Mark T
Preacher Murray W Ken Y
Communion Murray W X X
Prayers Angus D Phil A
Music Leader    
Music 2    
Kids Church Leader Phil A Lyndsey M
Kids Church Helper Gill S Rob W
Creche Leader Fiona D Ruth W
Creche Helper Gavin D Bridie W
Refreshments Maggie M & Johno H *Volunteer needed*
Tidy after service    
Activity 1    
Activity 2    
Activity 3    
Activity 4    
Activity 5    
Activity 6    

Upcoming at St John’s:

Thursday, 14 June 2018
9:30am Hall booking: Mini Sports 2018 sessions
Friday, 15 June 2018
4:30pm The Hub – KoG
6:00pm The Hub – Dinner
7:00pm The Hub – WORSHIP: Your Way!
7:30pm The Hub – Youth
Sunday, 17 June 2018
9:00am Sunday School: Christian Maturity: New Creation
9:00am Traditional Communion service
10:45am Informal Communion
5:00pm Kids Church: Christian Maturity: New Creation
5:00pm Evening service
Monday, 18 June 2018
6:00pm Taize Prayer Mindfulness group
Tuesday, 19 June 2018
9:30am Morning Prayer
Wednesday, 20 June 2018
10:00am St John’s Playgroup
7:00pm Wednesday Night Bible Study Group
Thursday, 21 June 2018
9:30am Hall booking: Mini Sports 2018 sessions
7:00pm Parish Council meeting
Friday, 22 June 2018
4:30pm The Hub – KoG
6:00pm The Hub – Dinner
7:00pm The Hub – WORSHIP: Your Way!
7:30pm The Hub – Youth
Sunday, 24 June 2018
9:00am Sunday School: Christian Maturity: Service through Suffering
9:00am Traditional Communion service
10:45am Informal Communion
12:00pm Hall booking: Newcastle Strings Concert
5:00pm Kids Church: Christian Maturity: Service through Suffering
5:00pm Evening service