St John’s Weekly Bulletin – Sunday 2 July 2017

Last Sunday I was able to announce the start of the St John’s ‘1K Club’. If you weren’t at church last weekend, this is a fundraising appeal where we are asking members of our congregations to support important work to prevent further water damage to the church building and hall by work on the hall roof, the hall and church guttering and vital groundwork to help get water away from our buildings.

We are asking members to commit to giving 1K ($1,000) or multiples of $1,000 if they can, to support this project, either as a lump sum, or as a commitment to give regularly. Just $10 a week or $50 a month over two years would give $1,000 to this project.

Last Sunday I gave out a letter from our treasurer, Howard Benson, and me, explaining the options for giving. There was also a response card, which I am hoping people can return this Sunday.

In the meantime, Howard has told me that there has been a magnificent response to this project. Last Sunday we had 12K through a series of donations. Over the course of the last week, another 15K has been donated or committed, bringing our total to 27K of the 60K that we need to raise! This is such exciting news. Thank you to everyone who has already made a donation or who has committed to give to this project over the next two years.



This bulletin was emailed to members of the parish on Saturday 1 July 2017 – if you would like to join the Weekly Bulletin email list, please call the church office on 02 4927 5399 and we will happily arrange this.

Samaritans Winter Appeal

Samaritans has launched its Winter Appeal and is calling on you to help put an end to youth homelessness – an invisible crisis. You will find a letter and donation form included in this month’s edition of the Encounter magazine. Please consider a gift to Samaritans 2017 Winter Appeal and return the form with your donation or donate online at Every dollar helps Samaritans support young people in our Diocese. Thank you for your generosity!

Missing church on Sunday?

If you can’t make it to worship on the weekend, please don’t forget that we have alternatives during the week. Each Thursday morning we gather for Communion at 10.30am in the chapel. One the first and third Monday evening of each month we also have services with times for listening to God. The first Monday evening of each month we have a Healing Eucharist at 6pm, the third Monday of each month we offer a time of worship and Christian meditation.

If you can’t worship with us on Sunday, we would love to welcome you to worship with us on Monday or Thursday. The next meditation service is this coming Monday night. Please join us if you can.

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.” Psalm 19.

High Tea

Tickets are on sale now for the High Tea with St. Johns and Miss Porters House on Saturday 5th August between 2pm–4pm in the Church Hall. $35 each.

Please ring Jenny Walkom on 0419497392 or speak to any of the Guild Ladies. RSVP with the payment by 14th July.

St John’s Women’s Guild – first Monday of each month at 9.30am

St John’s Women’s Guild meets in the church hall at 9.30am on the first Monday of each month. The Guild is a group of women who support the ministry of our church by fundraising throughout the year. Last year, that fundraising supported General ministry, Youth ministry, Church restoration, the purchase of new equipment for the hall, and donations to our Mission target, the Samaritans and the Mission to Seafarers. New members are most welcome.


Service 2 Jul 2017 9 Jul 2017
9:00 am
Welcome 1 Amanda G Nona B
Welcome 2 Penny P Judy H
Leading Murray W Murray W
Preaching Murray W Murray W
Reading 1 June W Howard B
Reading 2 Cathy B Judy H
Prayers Sunday School David B
Chalice 1 Paul Y Helen W
Chalice 2 Cathy B *Volunteer needed*
Refreshments 1 Bill D Lance W
Refreshments 2 Kara D Diane W
Counters 1 Nona B Penelope Y
Counters 2 Judy H June W
Flowers June W Jennifer B
Brass cleaning 1 Jenny W X
Brass cleaning 2 Helen Carroll X
10:45 am
Welcome Prue H Bridget M & Roger M
Leading Murray W Murray W
Preaching Murray W Murray W
Music Leader X X
Prayers *Volunteer needed* *Volunteer needed*
Refreshments Ray C & Robyn C Virginia M
5:00 pm
Welcome Paul B Margaret B
Leading Murray W Murray W
Preaching Murray W Murray W
Prayers Messy Prayers Lyndsey McK
Kids Church Leader X Rob W
Kids Church Helper X X
Creche Leader X Fiona D
Creche Helper X Gavin D
Refreshments Val G Bridie W
Music Leader Kim H Mark P
Music 2 Grant R X
Music 3 X X
Music 4 X X

Upcoming at St John’s:

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, 2 July 2017
9:00am All-age Traditional Communion
10:45am Informal Communion
12:30pm Baptism of William Marsden and Madeline Marsden
5:00pm All-age ‘Messy Church’ service
Monday, 3 July 2017
9:30am Women’s Guild monthly meeting
6:00pm Healing Eucharist Service
7:30pm NO New Lambton homegroup this week
Wednesday, 5 July 2017
10:00am NO St John’s Playgroup this week
7:00pm NO Cooks Hill Bible study group this week
Thursday, 6 July 2017
10:30am Weekly Thursday Informal Communion
10:30am No Women’s Bible study group this week
Friday, 7 July 2017
5:00pm NO K.O.G youth group for School Years 2-6 this week
7:00pm NO High School Youth Group this week
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, 9 July 2017
9:00am Traditional Communion with Sunday School
10:45am Informal Communion
12:30pm Baptism of Lincoln Corr
5:00pm All-age Informal Worship