St John’s Weekly Bulletin – Sunday 29 July 2018

As this is the first week of the month we have the opportunity on Sunday night to come together in a different way at our messy church celebration. This month we are exploring the story of Hannah and the way God walks with us as we live lives that shine in a world which calls us to speak out hopefully in prayer. I invite you this week to think how prayer might change the way you live your life; how we can all do things differently when we take the time to stop and ask God how He might shape us, how He might move us and how as a community we might be shaped together. It might just make the difference for you this week!

Every Blessing for the week to come,


This bulletin was emailed to members of the parish on Thursday 2 August 2018 – if you would like to join the Weekly Bulletin email list, please call the church office on 02 4927 5399 and we will happily arrange this.

Tonkin Family

The Tonkin family continue to appreciate your prayers and support. If you wish to support the family by adding your name to our regular meal roster, please contact Mark or Ken.

A notice on the use of the Hall Kitchen

Please ensure that after an event using the kitchen, everything is tidy and clean. The table and trolley tops need to be carefully cleaned and any residue overflow from meals heated in the ovens cleaned up. All equipment used is to be cleaned and properly stowed away. Dirty tea towels need to be taken home for washing. It is wonderful that the kitchen is being used regularly for meals and snacks of hospitality but all users do have a responsibility to ensure its ongoing cleanliness


Anyone seeking confirmation this year should make Mark or Fr Ken aware of this desire. If there are candidates we will start a course of education in September.

Appointment of a new Rector:

The process is moving along. The Parish Council and Incumbency Board members met with Archdeacon Copeman on 19th of July and the process of appointment was explained. This week a ‘survey monkey’ will be emailed to those parishioners on our email lists. This survey and its responses will be used to understand the opinions of our people regarding the appointment of a new Rector. For those without an email address, hard copies of the survey will be available in Church to be filled out. Following on from the collation of the survey results, a meeting of parishioners will be held on Sunday afternoon, 19th August at 3pm in the Hall to discuss the results and formalise our position. It is important that you attend this meeting.

Prayer School – Learn how to pray for others!

Registrations for the course have been slow. Details are on literature at the entry to the church and in the hall. Please let Fr Ken know if you are coming for logistic purposes. Friday 24th August and Saturday 25th.

Wednesday Bible Study:

The study will resume on Wednesday 8th August at 7pm in the Church. All are welcome!

Healing Eucharist:

Our monthly healing Eucharist will take place in the chapel area this Monday 6th August commencing at 6pm. If you need prayer, or have others for whom you seek prayer, please come and be part of this intimate expression of worship under the power of the Holy Spirit and through the name of Jesus.

Supporting St John’s Church

We encourage members of St John’s to support the ministry of our parish by giving directly to the parish account, rather than bringing cash to church. If you can do this, our account details are:

BSB: 705-077
A/C: 00040401
Name: St John’s Anglican Church Newcastle

Thank you to all members of our parish who are able to support ministry in this way.

Flowers at Church

The flowers in the sanctuary this Sunday have been given in memory of Betty Feros whose anniversary of death was on 31st July, the gift of Nick and his family.


  5 Aug. 2018 12 Aug. 2018
9:00 am
Welcomer Jennifer B & Howard B Jenny K & Helen C
Leader Josephine T Thomas P
Server Sebastian T Isobel P
Candles Isobel P & Thomas P Josephine T & Amy D
Bible reading 1   Rodgers F
Bible reading 2   Penny B
Prayers *Volunteer needed* David B
Chalice Paul Y & Cathy B Helen W & Rob W
Kids Church Leader    
Kids Church Helper    
Refreshments Ken Y & Margret Y Helen C & Jenny W
Counters June W & Penelope Y John F & June W
Flower Arranger June W Jennifer B
Brass Cleaner Jenny W & Helen C  
10:45 am
Welcomer Ian P Helen P
Leader Mark T Ken Y
Preacher Ken Y Mark T
Communion Ken Y Ken Y
Music Leader Mark T Mark T
Music 2    
Prayers Helen P Irini T
Refreshments Helen P Robyn C & Ray C
5:00 pm
Welcomer *Volunteer needed* *Volunteer needed*
Leader   Rob W
Preacher   Mark T
Communion   X X
Prayers *Volunteer needed* *Volunteer needed*
Music Leader    
Music 2    
Kids Church Leader    
Kids Church Helper    
Creche Leader   Bec D
Creche Helper   Lauren P
Refreshments *Volunteer needed* *Volunteer needed*
Tidy after service    
Activity 1    
Activity 2    
Activity 3    
Activity 4    
Activity 5    
Activity 6    
Activity 7    

Upcoming at St John’s:

Thursday, 2 August 2018
9:30am Hall booking: Mini Sports 2018 sessions
1:30pm St John’s Guild High Tea – Hall Setup
Friday, 3 August 2018
4:30pm K.O.G youth group for School Years 2-6
4:30pm The Hub – KoG
6:00pm The Hub – Dinner
7:00pm High School Youth Group
7:00pm The Hub – WORSHIP: Your Way!
7:30pm The Hub – Youth
Saturday, 4 August 2018
9:00am St John’s Guild High Tea
Sunday, 5 August 2018
9:00am Traditional Communion service
10:45am Informal Communion
12:30pm Baptism of Frances Lea
1:00pm Hall booking: Lea family event
5:00pm Evening service
Monday, 6 August 2018
9:30am St John’s Women’s Guild monthly meeting
6:00pm Healing Eucharist
Tuesday, 7 August 2018
9:30am Morning Prayer
Wednesday, 8 August 2018
10:00am St John’s Playgroup
Thursday, 9 August 2018
9:30am Hall booking: Mini Sports 2018 sessions
Friday, 10 August 2018
4:30pm The Hub – KoG
4:30pm KoG Primary School Youth Group
4:30pm K.O.G youth group for School Years 2-6
6:00pm The Hub – Dinner
7:00pm High School Youth Group
7:00pm The Hub – WORSHIP: Your Way!
7:30pm The Hub – Youth
Sunday, 12 August 2018
9:00am Traditional Communion service
9:00am Sunday School: Spirit-Filled Church: Follow Christ’s Example
10:45am Informal Communion
12:30pm Baptism of Charlee McCloy
5:00pm Kids Church: Spirit-Filled Church: Follow Christ’s Example
5:00pm Evening service