Hiding Baby Jesus – reinvesting in the nativity scene


Christmas is a difficult time for me as a Christian and I am sure it is for some of you as well. We are so busy and there are so many distractions. These distractions leave me often feeling guilty that I am not spending time reflecting on Jesus, who he is and what has done.Whilst I am not going to address that feeling today (I think that is an entire blog series unto itself), I am here to provide a simple, fun and practical way of bringing Jesus back to the focus of our Christmas season.

The video linked below says it all, but in simple terms you kidnap Jesus. If your family has a nativity scene that you put up; then steal, kidnap or hide the Jesus miniature and leave in it’s place a ransom note. The household will then need to solve the clue and find Jesus. The video explains it better, but after watching please continue as there are a few things worth thinking through.


One, In doing this, we become participants in the Christmas narrative. We become fellow travellers and seekers with the wise men and the shepherds. Our households, especially our children, loose themselves in the excitement and discovery of where is the Lord, who is this Jesus.

Secondly, as Eddie mentions, the clues become a teaching tool. If we write the clues well enough, and hide Jesus in the right places we are able to reflect theologically on what the Christmas story means. We, in very practical ways, deepen and broaden our knowledge of who Christ is and what he has done.

Thirdly, I know that in the video they start this a long time before Christmas (they kick off at America’s Thanksgiving) but it can be started any time before Christmas.

So if you are having a Christmas where you feel your household is starting to get a bit to fixated on their pressies and not enough on the Son of God; then it is time to get your balaclava out and start crafting your ransom notes so your household can search for and find the Baby Jesus again.