Funerals and Memorials at St John’s

Funerals are an important ministry at St John’s and our ministers are experienced at taking large and small services.

We welcome all families who would like to arrange a funeral here, whether they have an existing connection to St John’s or not.

If you are reading this page because someone you love has just died, please accept our sympathies. We know that this is a difficult time for you and we sincerely look forward to assisting you. Christianity is a faith founded upon Jesus of Nazareth. The Anglican funeral service is an opportunity to remember and give thanks to God for all the blessings of the person’s life. We pray for and support each other in grief, and lay the person’s body to rest.

If you would like to hold a funeral service at St John’s please contact us, either before or after speaking to a funeral director.

What happens in a funeral service at St John’s Newcastle?

A funeral service at St John’s usually follows a standard structure, but there is certainly room for flexibility.

Can I pre-plan my funeral with St John’s?

Yes, We regularly work with a range of Newcastle funeral directors.  Our ministers are very happy to speak to people about their wishes for their funeral when the time comes. We will record those wishes and work with your family to implement them.

What kind of music can be played at a funeral?

At St John’s we welcome all styles of music, and funerals have been celebrated with music from classical, jazz, blues and rock!  Of course, we expect that the words of songs played in the church will not conflict with what Christians believe about life and the way that God wants us to live.

St John’s has the oldest pipe-organ in Newcastle, reaching 154 years of age in 2020. If you would like some hymns played during the service our organists are usually available to play for funerals on week-days.

Funeral car leaving St John's Church, Cooks Hill

Emily’s Garden

Emily’s Garden is a small, peaceful memorial garden in the grounds of St John’s Church. The garden is named in honour of Christopher and Emily Woodcock and dedicated in 1996. Interment of ashes in the garden is available to those who who have a connection with St Johns. Our parish priest will conduct the interment service. A memorial record book is kept in the church in a specially made glass cabinet.

Fee/Donation Guide

Funerals and Memorials

To be able to continue ministry here and because of the costs of upkeep of such a beautiful historic building, we must charge for funerals held at St John’s:

  • Minister: $400
  • Church upkeep: $250
  • Verger: $70

Also, you have the option of:

  • Organist: $100
  • Church hall hire for Reception after the service: $55/hr plus insurance
  • Flowers (by arrangement)

These fees may be arranged by your funeral director or with the parish priest. We have experience working with a number of Hunter Valley and Newcastle funeral directors.

Emily’s Garden

  • Interment: $250

Service details and payment will be arranged by the parish priest.

Funeral Receptions in the Church Hall

Our Church Hall is available for a reception following funerals. Please let our administration team know if you are interested in hiring the Hall.

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