Vision & Mission

Our mission is to draw closer to God and reach further into Newcastle and all God’s world through acts of Christian love and service.

We aim to be a Christian community that engages, surprises, challenges and confronts people with the love, grace and peace of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. We do not expect that people will come as pre-packaged, fully formed Christians but we do expect that through God’s love, shown in word, ministry and action, people in Newcastle will be drawn into relationship with God and with each other. Through this relationship with God we believe that people will be stirred to action: within their families, this church community, their local community and be challenged to bring hope and work for justice in our world.

We want our church to make a difference in Newcastle

More than just a place to go on Sundays…
More than just a church to get baptised in…
More than just a wedding venue…
Not just a pretty church…

Our vision is to continue to build, through the love of God, a community that journeys towards maturity in Christ, each following their unique call to become active members in the body of Christ.

1. Focused on God’s love

To be known around Newcastle for reflecting Christ’s inclusive love and challenging God’s people to grow spiritually

2. Growing

To see God’s people using their gifts and talents in mission and ministry

3. Welcoming

To maintain and value a mixed demographic of membership in order to demonstrate that intergenerational and multicultural ministry and mission is possible

4. Diverse worship

To offer diverse worship, fresh expressions of ministry and varied connection points within the church to enable members to develop their understanding of God’s call to discipleship

5. Living out our faith

To be known as people who prayerfully act out of their relationship with God

6. Reaching our community

To have visible examples of outreach both locally in Newcastle and globally.

7. Innovating

To be an example of innovation, bravery and justice in action to the local community and the wider church.

8. Famous

To maintain and develop a strong profile in the Newcastle community