St John’s Weekly Bulletin – Sunday 26 August 2018

St John Cooks Hill Restoration Works – Progress Report Two

The Parish Council is very pleased with progress towards the restoration works for our Church and Hall. This work has been made possible by very generous donations from our congregation, the One K Club fund raising, which was matched dollar for dollar, by a Heritage Council grant of $55,000.

In our last update four weeks ago, we advised the lodgement of approval requests with local council and state heritage offices. These offices have both advised approvals will not be processed within three months and may even take longer. This means November at the earliest before we see any builders activity on site.

Over the last four weeks considerable effort has gone into seeking three tenders for both roofing and drainage and working through issues arising from this process with the architects and engineers. The scope of the work has been clarified and we now have a clear plan which we worked through with our preferred contractors at an on site meeting this week. A final detail, arising from this meeting, is the design of the fifteen proposed rain water heads for down pipes and leading on whether they will be appropriate at all from a Heritage perspective.

The hall will have new Zincalume custom orb roofing and matching gutters and downpipes. This is a compromise for Heritage whose first choice was galvanised iron sheeting which would last around ten years in our coastal location compared to Zincalume which should last for thirty years and maintain its “rugged good looks” throughout once the original shininess ages off. There will be no drainage works around the Hall except to join an extra down pipe to the existing storm water on the western wall.

The Church will enjoy new guttering and down pipes in colour bond to match the existing colour bond roofing which is still in fine condition. There will be twelve downpipes, five more than at present, and these will feed in a sealed fashion to new storm water drainage piping running right around the building to existing storm water pits to either side of the main western Church entry and from there we will rely on the existing storm water service. The front lawns and paths will therefore remain undisturbed. Trenches carrying the storm water pipes will also have new agricultural drainage pipes laid along their full length to carry sub soil moisture away from the Church foundations. Along the walls bordering Emily’s Garden trench work will be by hand to preserve the existing raised brick garden beds and the sanctity of the internments.

The roofing work detailed by our engineers is being completed in full. The drainage work has been staged and focussed on preservation of the Church where it is most needed.

Together the contracts will come to around $100,000 and allowing also for consultants fees and contingency we should have just enough to cover it.

Thanks again for all your financial support, we will continue with patience knowing we have made solid progress over the last few months.

Grace and Peace,

Fr. Ken Youman

This bulletin was emailed to members of the parish on Thursday 23 August 2018 – if you would like to join the Weekly Bulletin email list, please call the church office on 02 4927 5399 and we will happily arrange this.

High Tea

The Women’s Guild wish to thank the parishioners who supported the High Tea and with donations towards the raffle prizes. Many guests congratulated the Guild on such a wonderful afternoon. The profit made will enable the Guild to financially assist the parish in the future, to the end of June the Guild has given the parish $10,000.00.

Lost and Found

A gold ring has been found in the hall.

For many months 4 cake stands have been left in the hall kitchen, do you own one ?

Please contact Jennifer Benson 4952 6279

Parish Council Meeting – August

The council spent significant time looking at our response to the Bishop about working as a ‘hub’ with the parishes of the Cathedral and St Augustine, our commitment to the Diocesan Strategic Directions and how we might implement a vibrant welcoming program for visitors to our parish. These are complex issues, some of which require a deep commitment from us to have successful implementations. More information will follow but you will have noticed that Fr Ken has started to speak about ‘welcoming’ in recent services.

Rectory Working Bee

The first working bee for volunteers will be on Saturday 8th September. Howard Benson is co-ordinating activities on the day so please let him know if you are available. If you cannot participate on that day a donation to cover the costs of materials is a good alternative idea.


Bishop Peter will be coming to St Johns for the sacrament of confirmation on Sunday 2nd December at the 9.00am service. We already have a number of young people who have decided to make this public declaration of their faith. Anyone interested in being confirmed, please let Fr Ken know. The Bishop will also perform the reception of people into the Anglican communion at this service. If you want to know more please talk to Fr Ken of Mark.

Parish Consultation for new Rector

Members of the parish met with Archdeacon Arthur Copeman last Sunday to review the results from the ‘survey monkey’ completed by parishioners. The results were examined and interesting trends highlighted. Arthur then led us through thinking to identify any important things that were not identified in the results. These things will be added to the results as an addendum before final publication. Copies of the survey monkey results are available at the church entry if you are interested to read them..

Administration support

Fr Ken would like to hear of any volunteers from the parish who would be prepared to be trained to be administration support people in our parish office. The work involves using our computer systems to manage baptisms, weddings, newsletters and general enquiries. The commitment would be about five hours per week and your involvement would be a great blessing to the parish and God’s work in this place.


  26 Aug. 2018 2 Sep. 2018
9:00 am
Welcomer Amanda H & Penny P Howard B & Jennifer B
Leader Isobel P Xander G
Preacher Mark T Mark T
Communion Ken Y Ken Y
Server Sebastian T Sebastian T
Candles Thomas P & Josephine T Josephine T & Amy D
Bible reading 1 Howard B X X
Bible reading 2 June W X X
Prayers June W X X
Chalice Howard B & Dianne W Cathy B & Paul Y
Kids Church Leader Rob W X X
Kids Church Helper Julie Y X X
Refreshments Dianne W & Lance W Dane T & Sue T
Counters Nona B & Penelope Y June W & Penelope Y
Flower Arranger Don S June W
Brass Cleaner   Jenny W & Helen C
10:45 am
Welcomer Jill F *Volunteer needed*
Leader Mark T Mark T
Preacher Ken Y Ken Y
Communion Ken Y Ken Y
Music Leader Mark T Mark T
Music 2    
Prayers *Volunteer needed* *Volunteer needed*
Refreshments *Volunteer needed* *Volunteer needed*
5:00 pm
Welcomer *Volunteer needed* *Volunteer needed*
Leader Mark T  
Preacher Ken Y  
Communion X X  
Prayers *Volunteer needed* *Volunteer needed*
Music Leader    
Music 2    
Kids Church Leader Lyndsey M  
Kids Church Helper Rob W  
Creche Leader Ruth W  
Creche Helper Bridie W  
Refreshments *Volunteer needed* *Volunteer needed*
Tidy after service    
Activity 1    
Activity 2    
Activity 3    
Activity 4    
Activity 5    
Activity 6    
Activity 7    

Upcoming at St John’s:

Thursday, 23 August 2018
9:30am Hall booking: Mini Sports 2018 sessions
Friday, 24 August 2018
4:30pm K.O.G youth group for School Years 2-6
7:00pm High School Youth Group
Sunday, 26 August 2018
9:00am Sunday School: Spirit-Filled Church: The Armor of God
9:00am Traditional Communion service
10:45am Informal Communion
5:00pm Evening service
5:00pm Kids Church: Spirit-Filled Church: The Armor of God
Tuesday, 28 August 2018
9:30am Morning Prayer
Wednesday, 29 August 2018
10:00am St John’s Playgroup
Thursday, 30 August 2018
9:30am Hall booking: Mini Sports 2018 sessions
6:00pm Hall booking: Wilson family event
Friday, 31 August 2018
4:30pm The Hub – KoG
4:30pm K.O.G youth group for School Years 2-6
6:00pm The Hub – Dinner
7:00pm High School Youth Group
7:00pm The Hub – WORSHIP: Your Way!
7:30pm The Hub – Youth
Saturday, 1 September 2018
11:00am Hall booking: Wilson family event
Sunday, 2 September 2018
9:00am Traditional Communion service
10:45am Informal Communion
5:00pm Evening service